Testimonial 1

I started seeing Danika in December of 2017 after dealing with a year of chronic hip pain brought on by a sports injury. Although Physiotherapy helped with the acute symptoms, the long term implications of the injury included a propensity for re-injury and regular pain in the hip joint. Danika helped me identify the source of the ongoing pain and relax and strengthen the muscles around the site to significantly reduce both the intensity and frequency of my pain. Danika gave me the tools I need to maintain the health and mobility of the injured joint and to prevent re-injury. I now have the confidence to return to a number of activities that I had previously given up. -Kim

Testimonial 2

After my first session with Danika, I left with a sense of accomplishment and motivation to address the movements and areas of my body that needed strengthening and “waking up” -which in my case was most of areas of my body. The individualized approach taken, and the one-on-one time with Danika, helped to create an environment that I felt comfortable in. This commitment to my journey truly showed me that Danika would use her knowledge to help me return to rowing injury free -and help me stay that way.

I cannot wait for my next session and the new body awareness that will come with it.  -Renee


Testimonial 3

When I started working out with Danika in January 2015 I was physically a pretty big mess.  My major muscles didn’t do their jobs, my smaller muscles were tired from doing too much work, I had no core to speak of, and lacked fundamental functionality.  Danika has been amazing every step of the way.  We spent months working on functional movement and strength because that’s what my body needed.  She doesn’t push her own agenda or pace, instead helps you figure out what you want and need from your body and how to get to that goal in a time frame that works for you.  As a person who deliberately avoids discomfort, my pace has been much slower than most.  There has never been a moment I felt I was doing something wrong by working with what my body needs, she doesn’t push me past what works for me, instead pushing me within my boundaries, challenging me physically and mentally throughout the whole process.  Because of Danika’s background, she has an amazing ability to figure out what parts of your body aren’t functioning optimally, and describing or showing you how to activate correctly in order to create healthy functional movement.  From there you can then build strength, flexibility or whatever your goal is.  I really didn’t enjoy exercising, and though some days I still don’t want to get out of bed, there hasn’t been a single workout where I left feeling like I wasted my time or wished I hadn’t worked out.  Throughout this time I have learned more about my body; what it does, should do, needs and how to modify for all of that, than I ever expected. If you work with her you will sweat, laugh, challenge yourself, get stronger, more flexible, and work harder than you think you can.  She has without a doubt saved me from continuing down a path towards permanent chronic pain, and has also helped ensure my career as a sign language interpreter will not be cut short because I lack the strength and stamina to do my job.  I cannot thank her enough, and I cannot recommend her more highly.  Time with her is absolutely worth the investment; your body will thank you. -Tosca

Testimonial 4

Danika, how much do I love what you have done for me - let me count the ways.  I first came to see you about my numb bump, my left glute would get numb and not fire while I was rowing consequently my hamstring was overworked and would seize or cramp. I had visited a physiotherapist in the past but that wasn't really helping but after a few visits with you and being consist with my homework - voila I'm cured!  I love how with just watching me move you are able to figure out specifically where the hitches/congestion are in my body and over time I now have great freedom of movement.  I've always been tight and not very flexible but now I find I can sit cross legged on the ground, walk up stairs and hills freely, I can moisturizer the middle of my back, lift both arms straight up in the air without compromising my neck. My hips, lower back and shoulders are like well oiled machines. As I've said to you on a few occasions I feel that it is important to go into my senior years with as few kinks as possible so that my continue to have an active lifestyle, you've definitely helped me work those out.

I love my homework and look forward to my morning stretches, I now know the seven steps to tighten my core, I can get up from a chair and move forward freely.

Your vast knowledge of body mechanics is very fascinating and although you're pint size your strength is amazing. I'm signing up for a third package, let's see if we can get me off the ground in two moments.

Looking forward to our next sessions. -Sharon