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Justin Nesbitt – Project Manager

Justin is a Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Victoria. He has six years of experience within a consulting environment, with a focus on regulatory compliance, working with both federal and provincial regulation and regulatory bodies. Justin specializes in management systems auditing and development.

Through this work, Justin has taken on roles such as ‘The Canadian representative to the Americas Employee Form’ as well as ‘The Representative of the Americas and Africa Employee Forum to the Global Form’. These roles have fostered an ability to collaborate internationally on large projects while taking on both macro and micro details of project management. He has developed the ability to interpret regulation and create protocols detailing the regulatory requirements from both a program development perspective, as well as an auditing perspective.


Renee- REsearch associate

Renee is a researcher currently completing a Master of Science in Community Health Sciences specializing in Epidemiology – the study of the distribution and determinants of disease. Renee holds a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and her research interests involve lifestyle and modifiable risk factors within a range of populations. Specifically, Renee’s research has focused on female reproductive health and the autonomic nervous system, associations between metabolic syndromes and adverse health outcomes, and the utilization of health monitoring technology within physical activity interventions.

Renee has developed the skills to utilize multiple methodologies to approach research questions, critically appraise quantitative studies, collaborate effectively, and ultimately navigate the health research world.

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Tosca Nesbitt – Project and Document Controller

Tosca is a Project and Document Controller with a Bachelor with Honors in Linguistics from Queen’s University. She has been working with written documents for the last 15 years, starting at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, working with the Records, Publications, as well as the Privileges and Immunities Departments. She later worked for the Canadian Military, formatting documents and performing translation accuracy checks between French and English, and has also been a contractor for an oil and gas company in Alberta, doing document work. Tosca has helped establish document systems at Danika Inc., as well as editing all the written content that is produced.