Marisa Salon
Registered Dietitian

Marisa is passionate about helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals by making small, sustainable changes that fit into their lifestyle. A cornerstone of her practice is helping people to eat more local foods that are good for both our bodies and for the environment. Marisa also loves skating - she coaches figure skating and is part of a synchronized skating team. She loves working with figure skater and all athletes to help them use nutrition effectively as part of their training plan to achieve peak performance.


Michael dingman
Registered Massage Therapist

After having an engine fall on him, Michael saw first-hand the powerful effects that massage therapy can have on one’s healing and overall health. It was due to this life-changing experience that Michael became interested in health and wellness, anatomy, and physiology. His love for learning has given him the ongoing opportunity to hone his skills and offer high-quality rehab and healing techniques using a combination of manual therapy and corrective exercises.


Adam Postmus
Doctor of Chiropractic

In practice, Dr. Adam specializes in lower body injuries and running/walking biomechanics. He integrates a combination of chiropractic care, movement and functional assessment, injury rehabilitation, and patient education in order to facilitate his patients returning to optimal function as quickly and effectively as possible. He also has two dogs. One is a puppy. You should probably ask him about it.