Working together toward your definition of wellness.

We’re not afraid of getting silly to get it done

At Danika Inc. we work with you toward your definitions of health and wellness… even if it looks a little unorthodox… heck, if it’s unorthodox, we’re even more pumped to tackle it with you.
We have three service lines that you can vibe with:


Our Practitioners

At Danika Inc. we’re big fans of walking the walk. It’s important to us to make sure we’re staying involved in the fields that we’re so passionate about impacting.  

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Our Research and Development Team

Health and wellness are two rapidly evolving fields. At Danika Inc. we’re focussed on working with you to bring about the change you want to see in the field.

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Our Digital Community

One of the big changes to the ways in which people not only consume information but, build genuine and real communities,  has been through digitization. Danika Inc. is passionate about engaging fully with the potential provided by online platforms.

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About us

Why we’re here


Health and wellness is more than just a lack of infirmity or disease, it is about being in a state of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being

— World Health Organization

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We strive for you

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